Engineering Activities

MatiaSat "Eco-Attitude"

User interfaces of MatiaSat Eco-Attitude software
  • Description: Project manager and lead software designer of MatiaSat products oriented toward green cars and eco-mobility. This project, entitled "Eco-Attitude", provides truck drivers and fleet managers with information about their current driving behaviors and suggests possible improvements. Eco-Attitude combines high level software design, with qualitative assessment of driving style through a user front-end, to in-vehicle embedded development, with the real-time analysis of cars or trucks data buses.
  • Technology: Embeded C; Pencil and paper ; Flex
  • Period: 2011-2013;
  • Source code and resources: MatiaSat "Eco-attitude" is available through their range of products. You can ask for information at MatiaSat sales department.

Campus visit aid simulation framework

campus aid screenshot
  • Description: Development of a test-bed to adapt the content and the display of a mobile visit aid according to several user profiles (personal, average or group-based). This project supports my Phd thesis work and has been described in various papers;
  • Technology: Java, Java/Swing (~5000 lines as of Mai 2010);
  • Period: 2008-2010;
  • Source code and resources: .

Glabmin administration back-end

glabmin screenshot
  • Description: Lead developer of an administration back-end to glabelle.net services. Allows an easy and safe administration of a shared hosting server through SQL triggered system updates;
  • Technology: Bash scripting and SQL (~3000 lines as of Mai 2010);
  • Period: from 2007;
  • Source code and resources: .

EmoFaceDB / MAPH robotic companion

EmoFaceDB/Maph screenshot
  • Description: Initial Java prototyping of several robotic faces to test the recognition of simulated emotions and facial expressions. The prototype ran for two month and more than 2000 tests were collected and analyzed. The conference paper "Emotional synthesis for Maph robot" describes these results and explains the proposed implementation ( - ACM). An in depth description of code internals is also available in my master thesis (in French);
  • Technology: Java, Java/Swing, Java/Applet and PHP (~4000 lines);
  • Period: 2005/2006;
  • Source code and resources: Source code on demand. The prototype is available online, further project development are hosted at the South Britany Univesity.

Biological data visualization

Biological data visualization

Funny things to confuse a cat

Funny things to confuse your cat
  • Description: Snippets of code to demonstrate some physics and computer sciences fundamentals. Some of these code constitutes teaching material at the French naval academy.
    "Bifurcation" models the bifurcation diagram of a chaotic system highly responsive to initial conditions (more info.: Bifurcation diagram).
    "Attractor" renders Sirpenski's triangle out of a strange attractor model (more info.: Chaos game).
    "Avalanche" simulate a snowy mountain landscape where skiers should avoid avalanches. This agent simulation takes the freezing level, triggering slope, skier density, temperature, etc. into account.
    "Force-directed" simulates a physical system to render a planar graph. In such system, vertices behave like repulsive magnets and edges behave like springs. The system iterates until an equilibrium states is reached (if ever) (more info.: Force-based algorithms).
    "Perceptron" implements a formal neuron; the atomic element of neural networks. Invented by Rosenblatt, F. in 1957, perceptrons distinguish between two linearly separable sets (more info.: Perceptron).
    "MVC" applies the Model/View/controller pattern to implement the dialog component of a software steering wheel (more info.: Model-view-controller);
  • Technology: Java, Java/Swing, NetLogo, C++, GNUPlot (~1000 lines);
  • Period: From 2006;
  • Source code and ressources: Bifurcation, Attractor, Avalanche, Force-directed, Perceptron, MVC (a signal-based implementation of the same software with GTK+/GObject/Cairo is also available: ).
Lastest update: July 16, 2013